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Goldsmiths Row As Holocaust Motion Voted Down Over 'Colonial' Fears






Is this for fucking real? I mean, is this for fucking real? What in the actual fuck? I’ve had it with this shit. 

Europeans need to commemorate the sins they’ve committed on their own fucking soil. They’re accountable for that, too. They can’t just pretend that all their sins ended when they left their colonies behind (which is debatable, but that’s a topic for another time). 

But guess what, the Holocaust happened and if they choose not to commemorate it, they’re helping to lay the groundwork to repeat it. Everyone who voted against this should be ashamed.

But I’m sure they’re not anti-semitic, just anti-zionist. /sarcasm

Maybe it’s where my head’s at but I’m a little confused. Britain is accountable for the holocaust which is a sin that took place on our soil? I do think that some of our own sins may need to be remembered more, whereas, unlike the holocaust, they tend not to be; but that doesn’t mean I think that the holocaust - that Britain didn’t commit - shouldn’t be remembered either.

The argument against having the Holocaust memorial was that it was “Eurocentric” which makes the argument inclusive of Europe as a continent.

Okay, just it’s within the context of a British university which made it sound (at least to me) that it was being directed at Britain. Accountability and our sins in regards to the holocaust doesn’t seem to fit, but I guess that clears it up, thanks. Anyway, something sounded up when not only was this rejected but the proposal or whatever was by a former UKIP member (fuck UKIP). Anyway, a further look into this it seems I’m on their side. It’s apparently being discussed at the next meeting and with what was chosen to remember, and thus what was omitted, being Eurocentric and pro-British colonialist, not the holocaust itself.

We’ll see what happens with the next measure. But I’ve seen far too many people demanding that people shut up about the Holocaust or mocking the Holocaust for me to trust this. It’s happening all the time lately and I’m completely fed up with it.

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But it’s idiotic and wrong for people to act as though the holocaust was in anyway linked to Britain’s colonial history or any responsibility for that terrible tragedy to fall at Britain’s doorstep, lest we forget but Great Britain was the only nation to continuously fight the rise of fascism for the length of world war two.